Installation Services

All Installation Services
  • Duck less mini split
  • Evaporator coils
  • Package units
  • Condensing units
  • Air handlers
  • Split systems and heat pumps
  • Electric furnaces
  • Natural gas furnaces
  • Propane furnaces
  • Roof top package units
  • Energy recovery ventilators
  • Fresh air ventilation systems
  • Heat recovery ventilators (hot water)
  • Commercial exhaust and supply ventilators
  • Commercial gas space heaters
  • Commercial package air conditioning
  • Commercial split systems
  • Ductwork replacement R-8 flex duct or duct wrap
  • Sheet metal duct work spiral pipe

Indoor Air Quality

  • Ultraviolet, UV lights
  • Whole house hepa filtration
  • Electrostatic air filter
  • Cleaning air handlers, blowers, drain lines, ductwork
    with BBJ mold and milder remover
  • Maintenance agreements


  • Energy efficient testing
  • Infiltration testing
  • Duct leakage testing
  • Design and load calculations
  • Commercial air conditioning coil
  • Theft prevention

Calabasas HVAC repair

We provide quality service.

Thank you for visiting our website. This site is to give you the information to help manage your air conditioning and heating investiment. In the 30 years I have been installing air conditioning, it has changed a lot: so much that if not property installed, you won’t get a return on your investment. According to the HVAC Excellence, “Industry estimates show that 70% of the HVACR equipment installed today has inadequate air flow, 67% have been improperty charged, and 70% of the systems are oversized.” To solve and prevent these problems, HVAC Excellence noted that “Education should be the Focal point of our industry.”

Calabasas Reliable HVAC has been servicing the areas of Calabasas and Los Angeles Areas for several years. The Air conditioning problems we have found in these markets are inadequate air flows and equipment being installed incorrectly.

Air conditioning is a measured science and we correct the problems we find by measuring air flow and refrigerant charge.

Repair Services

All makes and models
  • Evaporator coil replacement
  • Reversing valves replacement
  • The mostatic expansion valve (TXV) replacement
  • Gas heat exchangers replacement
  • Accumulator replacement
  • Defrost control replacement
  • Condensing coil replacement
  • Compressor replacement
  • Dryer vent repair or replacement
  • Thermostat installation
  • Motor replacement
  • Contactor replacement
  • Ductwork repair and sealed